As the concert chair of Davidson College’s student union board, I have booked, advertised, and coordinated performances by Rico Nasty, Tone Stith, Laundry Day, and Quarters of Change. Providing hospitality from simple tasks like fulfilling riders to more intimate and pressing matters like ensuring the safety and health of those I host fulfills me with an abundant sense of purpose.

            As an A&R intern at Pack Records, I had the privilege of working directly with the founders and learned quickly about label operations, deal structures, and artist relations. I can now analyze musicians not only through the quality of their music but through their ability to execute a creative vision, market themselves, and sustain audience growth.  Through screening artists in one-on-one conversations, I have also been able to practice tactfully probing artists about their projects and pitching and answering questions about the label in a professional and enthusiastic manner.  I also contributed to pairing and contacting artists for sessions with our current clients as well as attending regular strategy meetings with artists and their managers.  This direct knowledge and increased comfortability in the label realm have prepared me to step into a higher pressure role.

            My experience as an assistant at Goldbug Management has taught me about artists growth from within a developmental artist project. Supporting the band, Certainly So, I learned artist marketing through Mail Chimp, Bands in Town advertising, Meta advertising suite, Playlist Push, tour marketing with venue teams, and Tik Tok influencer campaigns. I also practiced my organizational skills through calendar management, tour advancing, merchandise operations, and travel booking. This job allowed me to practice constantly adapting and learning new skillsets while still focusing on previous projects on tight deadlines. 

     Creativity runs through everything I do as an art major and lover of music. I enjoy challenges as they give me an opportunity to think of inventive solutions and improve the organization’s I work for. I look forward to a career of change making and am open to full time work.

Quarters of Change playing Davidson College’s Winterfest 2023