As the concert chair of Davidson College’s student union board, I have budgeted, advertised, and managed artists’ needs before and during shows. Providing hospitality from simple tasks like fulfilling riders to more intimate and pressing matters like ensuring the safety and health of those I host fulfills me with an abundant sense of purpose.  I am flexible in high pressure environments and have continuously developed this skill through working large events and concerts that serve several hundred guests.  I efficiently find solutions, while remaining calm and motivated through any unexpected challenge I encounter in both my student activities work and my work in sexual violence prevention.

As a Title IX Liaison, I have developed the ability to professionally negotiate for the needs of my peers, confidentially handle highly sensitive conflicts, and support others in times of need. My primary goal in this position was to establish a peer mentoring group, ensuring that student survivors can access a private and comfortable line of support on campus. After three years of pitching the program to administrators, sourcing mentors, and implementing measures to ensure quality of mentorship, I have gained a better sense of diplomacy, discretion, and perseverance. Further, leading community conversations about sexual violence on campus with Davidson’s fraternities has allowed me to practice mediation, leadership, and public speaking.

Through consistent work ethic and commitment to professional development I have maintained a 3.8 GPA, acquired three internships in visual arts administration, three grants to support my professional and creative development, and an honors award for improvement in my field of study. Managing club meetings, office hours visits, course work, and engaging in campus social life has fortified my time management, scheduling, and organizational skills. As a working professional I will bring a variety of practical skills like writing, presenting, surveying, and scheduling to any job and complete work with an efficient pace an positive attitude.  Through my work as an assistant and through promotion of my own art I have gained marketing, web design, networking, and research skills that I am eager to contribute to  professional employment. My full time, in-person availability begins in July of 2023, however, I have part time and remote availability throughout the the remainder of my final semester at Davidson.  

Quarters of Change playing Davidson College’s Winterfest 2023