As the concert chair of Davidson College’s student union board, I have booked, advertised, and coordinated performances by Rico Nasty, Tone Stith, Laundry Day, and Quarters of Change. Providing hospitality from simple tasks like fulfilling riders to more intimate and pressing matters like ensuring the safety and health of those I host fulfills me with an abundant sense of purpose. I have a deep love for music and can’t wait to devote my career to it.

My work as a security and guest services team member at the Fillmore and Underground in Charlotte has allowed me to learn more about venue operations, touring production, and the importance of structure and consistency. Working a variety of live shows from Masego to Joshua Basset as well as production running for Bruce Springsteen has given me insight into the inner working of small and large scale shows and how decisions from behind the scenes impact the audience and staff experience. I am committed to employing these lessons in my own work with safety as a top priority, 

As a Title IX Liaison, I have been trained through the principles of restorative justice and seek to integrate them into my daily life. I strongly believe in transforming society through the right balance of grace and accountability. I value open communication and non-judgement when handling conflict.

Creativity runs through everything I do as an art major and lover of music. I enjoy challenges as they give me an opportunity to think of inventive solutions and improve the organization’s I work for. I look forward to a career of change making and hope to be considered for full time work in the summer of 2023.

Quarters of Change playing Davidson College’s Winterfest 2023